Thank You Victoria

Our resolve, our patience and our sacrifice, means that Victoria the rest of Australia has been able to open up our personal and economic lives. The nation as a whole is healthier, wealthier, and indeed wiser because of it.

Let us applaud the remarkable efforts that turned what was once thought impossible into a reality.

To the many thousands of doctors, nurses and support staff who risked their safety, working tirelessly across our health system to care for those most afflicted by COVID-19, we thank you.

To the carers, nurses and support staff who looked after our most vulnerable in aged care as the virus raged through so many homes, we thank you.

To the more than 2000 people who work in the state’s contact tracing teams under the enormous pressure of public scrutiny, and those who have carried out more than 3 million COVID-19 tests across the state, we thank you.


Snez Dorseska

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