Logistics Consulting Services

The Supply Chain Development team of ADSone offers supply chain optimisation from analysis to design to implementation.

A handpicked team of experts combine knowledge and experience within local and international logistics with best in class analysis techniques and tools, supported by strong project management and implementation skills.

Understanding your existing supply chain and identifying opportunities

Our logistics team engage with you to understand your current supply chain through a joint discussion and brainstorming session on the initial analyses and findings uncovered during the preparation phase.

This process helps focus our data gathering, interviews and process reviews. We will also be able to prioritise the initial key opportunities which are in line with your business strategy for further investigation.


Quantifying supply chain opportunities

Our logistics team will further analyse the key elements of your existing supply chain model, such as:

  • Costs
  • Product flows
  • Lead times
  • High-level process mapping

This analysis will serve as the basis for the gap analysis in which business improvement ideas have been identified.
Our team will then calculate the value of these improvement areas

Value Proposition

Based on the business improvement areas identified, our team will put forward recommendations.
Each of these will have been tested through simulation of future supply chain scenarios and will serve to prioritize the solutions by order of highest business value and ease of implementation.

The results will directly feed into a value implementation roadmap specifying practical solutions leading to;

  • Cost reduction
  • Increased operating margin
  • Improved asset utilization
  • Process efficiency