Provide the Customer Experience While Protecting your Brand

In this fast-paced & ever changing environment, the role of an efficient & comprehensive product distribution system is paramount to the success of every e-commerce business.
Furthermore, E-tailers need to recognise that reverse logistics drives real impact to the bottom line, it is an area of high priority for companies looking to reduce costs,
add efficiencies, improve the customer experience and build sustainable supply chain practices.

ADSone is a leading E-Commerce 3PL and 4PL integrated provider of kitting, fulfillment & sophisticated IT Services, we assist our customer to gain sustainable competitive advantage by transforming their supply chains into value chains.
By providing a reliable logistics system that allows live tracking for all data as it travels both up and down the supply chain, we minimise the hassle and fuss associated with unnecessarily long delivery times,
keeping our customers and their consumers  up-to-date every step of the way with both SMS and Email notifications.

Thus, enhancing their consumers’ customer experience and reducing the need for customer service enquiries in the process.

Understanding Online Retail

Analysing the expectations of customers and their experiences online has lead us to develop a logistics management SAAS system that seamlessly meets the growing demand for fast delivery times,
while providing a cost-effective solution for online businesses.

In order to assist our customers in staying ahead of the game we work closely with them to explore the following opportunities;

Current State of the Market

Exploring trends in various domestics and global shipping companies, and taking leverage of the most appropriate setup

Supply Chain Innovation

We look at the potential supply chain innovation to drive meaningful innovation.

Supply Chain Disruption

Develop strategies and operational capabilities to mitigate or eliminate sources of supply chain disruption.

This means we are able to provide supply chain services from start-to-end in an integrated and well maintained system of established and reliable practices.

Our systems are tailored to our clients needs and we work closely with the key stakeholders to ensure our systems continue to evolve with their business requirements.

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