Global Freight Forwarding Services

Shifts in global economic conditions can change preferred sourcing locations. Global trade management is essential for growth in a weak economy.
However, issues such as regulation and red tape, taxes, shifting trade lanes and new free trade agreements are making global trade more complex.
At ADSone, we designed a flexible supply chain web of carefully hand picked partners to provide our customers with efficient and easy access to new markets

ADSone takes the pain out of the freight forwarding and customs clearance process, we hold a full 77G licence making us a fully accredited Licensed Customs Warehouse capable of low threshold clearance releases from our warehouse directly into local carrier networks for efficient and timely deliveries from offshore locations.
What start with freight forwarding USA to Australia service has now expanded to Asia and Europe making the world a smaller place.
Our International logistics division specialising in the design of modular adaptable corridors which allows our customers to expand to new market without the need for massive investments.

Working closely with our hand pick global partners, enable us to offer “Parcels from Source” (air freight drop ship) and “Sell on water” (Sea freight drop ship) solutions to our customers (4PL Logistics). Offering our clients significant cost savings while improving turnaround times from origin to end user.

Customs Clearance and Bonding Services

Section 77G Licensed Customs Depot

s.77G depot is licensed by Australian Customs and Border Protection Service that allows certain activities to be undertaken in relation to goods that are subject to Customs control.

These activities include:

  • The holding and unpacking of imported goods
  • The holding and packing of goods for export
  • The examination by Customs of imported and exported goods

Imported goods received at a s.77G depot can be released directly into home consumption once all Customs and Quarantine Legislative requirements are met.
This is achieved by an electronically communicated ‘release status’ (Customs Clearance) being transmitted to the depot operator via Customs Sea Cargo automation systems.
All applicants should note that imported cargo can only be stored at s.77G depots for a defined period of time.

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