At ADSone We Have The Jump On Technology And Our Competitors

If one word can sum up our commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and infrastructure it is ‘innovation’. You’ll enjoy tangible, bottom line benefits as a result.

At ADS we invest heavily in technology and continually look for ways to improve our services.

ADSone’s propriety WMS online tools and integrated systems seamlessly link you with your customers and suppliers, reducing your capital expenditure while optimising communication efficiencies and helping accomplish your goals.

When you become an ADSone customer you have access to state of the art IT tools at your fingertips from distribution management,Product sourcing , inventory control and most importantly live monitoring of every step of your supply chain .
All this is accessed via our online portal .

ADSone operates a sophisticated web-based business and supply chain management tool that allows you to control and monitor every aspect of your supply chain.

Some of our key features;

  • Mobile Responsive User Interface
  • Live Inventory
  • Quick Order Entry
  • Approval Routing
  • Tracking and Payment
  • Supplier Portal
  • Workflow Messaging
  • Consumer Portal
  • DRP (Distribution Resource Plan)
  • Live Inventory Management and Control
  • Standard and Extended Reports suite
Our focus on providing high quality, efficient technical solutions means you will always be first to access the latest tools to better manage and control your supply chain.

Our aim always is to make our customers’ lives easier and more productive.